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Brief History of Lilli Ann

The Lilli Ann Company began in San Francisco in 1934. Adolph Schuman started the company and named it after his wife Lillian. According to Vintage Fashion Guild, Schuman went to Paris after WWII and started adding "Paris" to the label. He bought many textiles from French companies after the war and helped saved many from closing. He helped to show European weavers how to modernize their systems. Schuman died in 1985 and the company closed by 2000.

Some Lilli Ann suits also contain the name "Adolph Schuman", this occurs more in the later period of the Company’s history. Schuman, through his Paris connection, gained contacts with such fashion masters as Channel and Balenciaga. It is said that Balenciaga anonymously contributed design ideas for the Lilli Ann line as a personal favor to Schuman. Lilli Ann clothing was made from the best textiles imported from France and Italy. A great link if you'd like to learn more on the history of Lilli Ann can be found in this Ruby Lane post.

Lilli Ann 4 Piece Cream/Brown Suit (Pants/Skirt/Blouse/Jacket)

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